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Kalai goes Hollywood
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Kalai goes Hollywood as Catalina Catani

See proof on Internet Movie Data Base Site: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3254515/

Reel-3 Films with Director Damian Chapa-Click here.

Kill Factor Director Leo Fong-played Hooker Layla

Silent Short Film "Lost". I played the Mom. Director Mitzi Roybal-Click here.


Have stetoscope will travel.

Old, sexy Doc.

If it has 4 wheels I can drive it.
True grease monkey!
Need a tune-up?
or Change the tires at a pit stop.

Care to dance?


Professional pix by Rodney 661-319-0755

I wore this dress in Death of Evil.
Premiered August 27, 2009. I played an Aristocrat.
Boat used for Bobby Fischer Live-Unauthorized. Lived on boat for 4 months.

Catalina Kalai Catani

Famous people Catalina has worked with:
Directors that gave me speaking roles:
Damian Chapa-Bobby Fischer Live-Unauthorized with one line as Detective Jones releasing Bobby from NY jail.  Premiered Nov. 5 at Fairfax Cinemas.  I was Associate Producer for this film. I worked as an Exhibitor with Damian during AFM November 4-11, 2009, Santa Monica.  All movies out on DVD @ www.AmadeusPictures.com.
Bob Krauss & Catalina Catani
Bob played the Bar Tender.

Hedo, Catalina & Captain Ken.
Ken Price played himself as Cpt'n.

Catalina, Damian & Eric (A Fan)
Of course Damian Chapa play Bobby Fischer.
Damian & Ricco Chappa
Ricco played Bobby Fischer as a teen.

Bob,Hedo, Wendy, Jimmy, Chanel & Juan.
Wendy & Chanel Sabeva-Investors. Jimmy_Campos-Associate Producer.

Investor's family with Damian

How sweet it is!

Hedo Davis & Catalina
Hedo played the Writer in the film.

Reel-3 Films for Chapa-Click here.

Damian Chapa-Death of Evil with several minutes of dialog as Kim while dancing at arristocrate's party. Premiered in Oct. 6, 2009 @ Fairfax Cinemas.  All movies out on DVD @ www.AmadeusPictures.com.
Damian Chapa-Bad Cop (one of David Carredine's last movies) I was on the red carpet July 9, 2009 @ Fairfax Cinemas near N. Fairfax & Beverly Blvd.  I had a line as Karen the secratary.  All movies out on DVD @ www.AmadeusPictures.com.
Click for youtube trailer.
Catalina Kalai Catani
Bob Krauss-played wounded bad guy
My Manager-Guinan Entertainment..
Mark Harris played bad guy.
I played the secretary.

Hugging Javier Rivas.
He played rich politicion.

Miguel Angel Rodrigez-left, Damian Chapa-center .
Miguel's Body Guard far Right

Leo Fong-Kill Factor: Played Layla a hooker with several scenes.  Premiere & DVD release Spring 2010.  http://www.answers.com/topic/leo-t-fong  http://www.usadojo.com/biographies/leo-fong.htm
Valiant Robinson-One Wish: Played Lady Grace with several pages of dialog and self-Kalai, with Polynesian Paradise performing at Jastro Park for family and friends.  Premiere & DVD release Spring 2010.  Reel coming soon.  http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1612245/valiant_robinson_at_american_black_film_festival/
Mitzi Roybal-Lost: Silent Student Film where I play Mom trying to get my son to stop drinking.  Filmed at Brook's Institute, Venura, CA.  Entered in Student Film Festivals 2010. REEL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsPjD6dxr_U
Gilbert Azafrani-Kosher Nostra: Played Vera Levy a legal secretary with seval pages of dialog.  Premiere & DVD release ...
Heidi Klum-Diet Coke-Red Dress: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsWRgxMYvOQ&feature=related Womens Heart Health. As Heidi is going down runway in black hoop skirt I am 5th person in on right in a black dress and my hair is up in a bun.  Heidi is as beautiful of a person in real life as she looks!  I felt so blessed to have worked with her, all the Victoria Secret Models, and over 50 other famous women that are in current films and commercials.
House of Usher 118-118 Commercial: Europe teli 2009.  Giant men jump on  stage infront of the crowd. http://great-ads.blogspot.com/2009/02/118-118-who-you-gonna-call-commercial.html 
Island Fest-Bakersfield 1997 Commercials: Polynesian dancing in several spots next to News Anchors advertising upcoming event.  Comercials aired for 2 months.  Ch 29 live promotional performance and day of event.  Go to Kalai's Bio to see Kalai the day of event and newspaper article.
SAG Voucher!  How Sweeeeet it is :)
I play background talent at a socialite party holding a coffee cup most of the time and got in the premiere trailor! I was bumped up to a SAG voucher (I think Anne-Marie Johnson did it).  We actually got to chat for awhile during a break. She is a lovely person with strong convictions.  She is a SAG board member.  Anne-Marie is famous for her role on "In the Heat of the Night": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_6433cf9Uk and Melrose Place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3YQwAhz6LU
"Chance" Reality Game Show: Thousands came to audition. I was standing in line for my "Chance" chating with this lady and she started asking me alot of knowledgable questions about Hawaii and the Polynesian cultrure.  I answered her and did an ami for her.  She then softly told me she was Hilo Hatties Niece, Clare Anahu!  How Sweeeeet is that!  I advanced to the final 20 to win my Chance (Fly to Hawaii to get private lessons), but alas I didn't win that prise.  My gift from God was to meet Clare... find out how Clare and Hilo Hattie come from the Aluli Family decended from Chief Mana of Kaua'i (Maui).  Clare's Mom, sang with Puamana  http://blogs.ksbe.edu/jobrione/files/2009/09/Puamana.pdf  Kawena Pukui (her Auntie) wrote "Baby Kalai" for the first Aluli grandchild, her daughter, in 1943.  Clare's uncle used to sing it to her.  you can purchase Baby Kalai on this CD: Dean Lum Falsetto Style.  It's a whole lot cheaper that I paid.  http://www.buyhawaiianmusic.com/Categories.bok?category=LUM%2C+DEAN
Other Hollywood Stuff I've done:
Delman & Catalina
Movie Investments:
Ch-27 - Director Delman Moore.  He played for the Chicargo Bears.  Ch-27 release pending.
Bobby Ficsher Live - Director Damina Chapa.  I interned at Amadeus Pictures over a year.
Production Work:
Bobby Ficsher Live - Associate Producer.  Brando - Producer.  One Wish - Co-Producer.  Uncrossed (Fallen Love) Trailer - Producer.
Crew member:
Cage Free - slate person.  Bobby Ficsher Live - Set Design Assistant.  Hang Town - Craft Service.

John Valadez/me @ after party The Longoria Affair.
It's fuzzy cell phone pic, but proof.

Watch for more to come with Ronald Mealing.
Associate Producer for Mealing Family Entertainment Co. and voice of Character.

Writer Karl Kaufmann - Mystica
Metamorphosis Entertainment

Nan Gill and David Wilson from New York.
American Film Market, Santa Monica 2009

Nan Gill and David Wilson @ American Film Market, Santa Monica 2009.  They film in New York.


Leslie Garza famous Laton Actress on Lt.
Wes Sullivan-Producer for Arial several other Disney movies

Shooting Fall 2011 with writer Jayare Sanchinelle.
I play the Granny.


Premieres I've attended:
The Story of Night & Day
-Feb. 26, 2011.  Writer/Director Ronald Mealing.  I was privileged to except his 1st Place award for Best Animation at the Indi Film Quarterly in LA.  We are planning to work on full length Aname soon.  The Longoria Affair-Nov. 7 2010 at BC.  Director John Valadez.  www.TheLongoriaAffair.com.
Background talent:
Azienda: Premiere Spring 2012.  Directors Josh Webber & Ryan Correl.  I was at Funneral. http://www.AziendaTheMovie.com 
The Obama Effect: Premiere 2010.  Director Chares Dutton. Casting my vote behind the main charaters at Poling Center.
Verizon Commercial: Played one of hundreds coming out of a Van and close ups of porch scene. 
Head & Shoulders Commercial: Stadium Background. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2XruM8PX4&feature=related
Census Commercial: One of hundreds running down street and cheering.
Cannon Commercial: Statium Audience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHQPxjmAfPY
Writer's Q & A:
Andrew Stanton-Wallie.  He also wrote Toy Story, John Patrick Shanley-Daubt.  He wrote & filmed 5 Corners, Erik Roth-Benjamen Button.  He also wrote Village Sky.  Lance Black-Milk.  He also wrote Padro Documentry. Simon Beaufoy-Slumdog Millionaire.  He also wrote The Full Monty
George Clayton Johnson-The Twilight Zone & Star Track episodes at Mystery Imagination bookfellows store in Glenndale.  I was also invited to his 80th BD party... what a hoot.
Jill Robinson-A Cry for Love at Will & Ariel Durant in LA branch Library.
Several Acting Siminars-Guinan quick six monalog "Does and Don'ts in an audition" was the best.



Middle Eastern Women
I have the costumes-now I just need a role.
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Kalai at Luau in 2007.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)