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                               2016 Luau Prices  

         Birthday, Retirement, Farewell, Wedding Reception,Anniversary, Convention or Just for fun!





$100 Hulagram

1 Dancers & audience part. Public Place. Same costume (20 min.)


$150 Hulagram

1-5 Dancers & audience part. Same costume. (20 min.)


$350 Small Luau

5 Performers-4 Dancers w/audience participation (30 min.)


$400 Medium Luau

7 Performers-5 Dancers w/audience participation (45 min.)


$500 Large Luau

9 Performers-7 Dancers w/audience participation (60 min.)


$80 Tiki Torches

3-6 Fire Dancers added to any LUAU listed above (±5 min.)


$120 Fire Dancer

1 Fire Dancer added to any LUAU listed above (±5 min.)


$120 Fire Dancer

1 Fire Dancer added to any LUAU listed above (±5 min.)


Announces songs and coordinates dancers, technicians, musicians, graphic artists and stage Moms/Dads.  I should say "They take care of me and make Polynesian Paradise the best luau dance troupe to work for or have at your next luau."
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Large Luau Performance starts here. We perform all Dance Lineup songs.


Ke Ulu Wehi o Ke Kai
Is a dance about the locals picking seaweed and eatables along the seashore with  Epus (gourds).


Awsome song of God's love and wish to be closer with each one of us.

Left pair: Hua Pala(Sweet Pea) Kalea(Shining Star
Right pair-Lilo(Overcome) I'Ole(Mouse)

I Ali'i No 'Oe & E Ku'u
Part 1 of this Hawaiian hula is about God's love for you.  Part 2 uses Pu'ili sticks (2 foot long cut bamboo that makes a rattle sound).


Tiny Bubbles
Fun song about drinking on the Islands.

Pua Pikake danced 9 Seasons with Poly. Paradise
The Medium Luau performance starts here.


Little Brown Gal
A lovely Hawaiian (Ha-vai-an) Hula by our Keikes (little ones). 


Hulagrams or Luau performances. 
My hula sisters love little brown gal.


Hanalei Moon
Hawaiin Island Aloha goes out in this song of lovers under the Moonlight.

Kalai in Minoi costume
Minoi Minoi 'E
Our Polynesian Paradise girls will do a Samoan slap dance to the count of 8.

Kalina started with Polynesian Paradise in 2003.
The Small Luau performance starts here.


Hoki Hoki
From the Island of New Zealand the Maori people practiced for war using weapons made of leather and stone called poi balls.  We use cloth and yarn for your safety and ours!

Currently working on tops.

Yellow Ginger Lei
A touching Hula parallels' meaning of Love with the Ginger Lei fragrance.


Katchi Katchi music from Makawao
Kalea is doing a fun Hawaiian dance with a Caribbean beat.  Uli' Uli's are feather gourds.  They used to be made with parrot feathers.  Parrot shortage - dyed chicken feathers now.

Marla's backyard
Reminds me of Hawaii.

Once again we travel to the island of New Zealand where the first people to arrive were Polynesians from their ancestral homeland of
Hawaii (Ha-vai-E).

Iekika, my daughter, started to hula in 1994
Bora Bora with audience participation and Aiala O Pele.


Bora Bora Wahines
Waiolina in traditional Tahitian.  This picture was in the Bakersfield Californian with a half-page article about our troupe.


Bora Bora with Audience
We have skirts, hats, I'I's (pom pons) and double D boobies to dress up in.  We have been known to do it (Bora bora) a couple of times just for fun.


Bora Bora Group Picture with Audience
I try not to let anyone undress before we get a picture.  Nothing like a snap shot in boobies on the mantel.

Ilio Keike stands for Puppy dog eyes

Aia La O Pele
War chant with Wahines and sometimes Kanes keeping rhythm with wood staffs. Fire or LED Lights.

Fire Coconuts, Tiki Tourch, Poi & Staff.
Additional Fire performances starts here.


This song usually is done with 3-5 dancers depending on the size of the Luau and tells the story of the island mountains, wind, valleys, and valcanos.


Fire Poi Balls
Poi Poi loves to dazzle the audience with rings of fire, blows flames, and eats fire!  He lets the poi balls dangle under his arms for way too long amazing crowds every time!  Kamehameha started spinning fire poi balls the 2007 season and can also wow the crowd! 
Kalai can also spin the Poi, but you won't catch her eating fire!


Fire Stick Man
Kalua & Kamehameha are HOT HOT HOT!  Both can twirl under legs, under arms, behind back, around neck and toss the fire staff high in the air.  The flame  is so HOT it burns the hair of their arms every time.  No need to have arms waxed!


Fire Coconuts.
My Hula Wahines (3-5 women) perform this lovely fast paced hula with Fire Coconuts or neon lights for endoor fun.

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Kalai at Luau in 2007.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)