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So......... just how many hula sisters and brothers can you fit in a hammock?

Hanging out after a Luau
Picture taken in 2002

Far more than this! I think the number was up to 15 before
the post broke and they all hit the ground with a thud!
Homework still has to be done.
Mahalo Rucker's Mortuary. Nice Limo ride to Shafter. They chauffeured two limos full of people.
Kalai with Gus who turned 80!
2006 Luau for Linda's Daddy.

I'm very thankful we get a lot of tips..... free dinners, limo rides, and cash.  Hands down the best tip we have ever received was from Linda.  The audience was great!  The weather perfect!  Mahalo to all! 

Brock's Trailers-Voted Performers Favorite 2006 .
Pupure: Left to right: Maku'e, Pua Pikake, Waiolina, Pua Nani, Theresia, and Pua Poni.

The Order of the Dragons and Corvette Club Luau.
Master Earl and Sherry. Fun, Fun, Fun party & great tippers.

Performer's Favorite Luau so far.....

2009 Luau.  Sandra's 50th Hau 'ole la ha nau.  The crowd was great!  They feed all 13 performers with free bar for adults (Mmmm Mai-Ti's).  We stayed and danced til most of the guests went home.  Mahalo to Ramon and his daughter Veranica for hiring us and making us feel like celebrities.



My Favorite Luau................

2004 Hau 'ole la ha nau! (Happy Birthday!)
The Doc's house with the waterfall that went clear across his back yard.  Perfect performances. Every glitch and oops that could occur at a live performance happened, but we not only pulled it off.........WE WERE AWESOME.  I had several people come up and tell me how professional we where.  I thank all my dancers and technicians.  Your creative ability to fix things, change plans, and literally keep dancing in the midst of chaos shows how truly I'm blessed.
The best part was when a Lady came up to buy Poi Balls after the luau.  Her Poi Balls she  bought in Hawaii broke.  We started doing basic tricks and I showed others.  My performers packed up all the costumes and equipment before telling me it was time to go!  I had so much fun and my dancers let me play as long as they could even after a very stressful performance.  Mahalo to my performers.  Mahalo to "The Doc" Harry the red head, his family and friends. 
P.S....in 2005 we performed again at his son's wedding reception.  2006 at their daughter's house. 
I love repeat customers.  That's how I know we are doing a good job for our customers.

The Coolest Location!
2005  Luau...  Crown Island in the middle of the Kern River north of Ming Lake.  The sunset, the crowd, the royal treatment and especially the never ending fruit smoothies.  Mahalo from all my little ones (Keikes), My women (Wahines) and men (Kanes).

Best Food Ever!
Angeline's 7th Hau 'ole la ha nou Luau.  The Marinated Stew was awsome with a touch of potatoes and carrots for appeal.  The greenbeans/peas/egg and onion side was yum!  Of course rice and beans with great B.D. cake.
Mahalo Elma (your a great Mom & cook too!)


Here I'll include some of the juicier stuff I hear during practice and luaus.  Disclaimer.......I'm writing it so it's going to be how I remember it! 
Noho wale (To do nothing) has been my neighbor for over 15 years and my dancer since I started.  We fight like he is my own.  Had to show this picture.

Noho wale taking care of Ari so Mom can practice.
Click on picture to see Thresia. Tari Kipas song.
This location reminded me of the Islands.
Mahalo to Marla & her family for all their kindness.
It's a joy to see little guys try something new.
Get them started & they don't want to leave the stage.

Funniest Luau 2005
Greg The Hatman's BD.


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Kalai at Luau in 2007.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)