Polynesian Paradise-Kalai
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Aloha ke Akua (God is Love).

I started my dance troupe as a way to share my love for God (Akua) and dancing (hula).  I love to design and create the costumes.   My dance troupe is a family (Ohana).  I am The Mamma (Hulilau) and I have a House of instruction (Halau).  The little ones call me Ms. Kalai, the adults...friend, the teenagers...well they are teenagers, and underneath all the squabbling they know my home is a safe place to expand their horizons.   I love them all and they love me (disclaimer on the teenagers).
I do this not because I love more stress in my life, but because it gives me an outlet to dance without the drama at a bar.  I have over 25 dancers/technicians that work for me and a lot of personalities.

Kona has over 40 years of Hula experience.
My Kumu started dancing Hula at 2 years old.

I was blessed in 2009 by the entrance of Kona into my life.  The keikes call her Auntie Kona and I call her my Kumu (Teacher).  I hope we have many more years of hula together.

Call us for a Hulagram or Luau at
Hulagram: 10-15 minute performance with audience participation, no costume changes or fire dances.
Luau 1/2 to 1 hour of Hawaiian, Tahitian, New Zealand, and Samon dancing.  Add Fire: Tiki Torch, Coconut, Poi Balls, and Staff.

Kalai's 1st troupe-Keanue's Polynesian Review.
Island Fest 1997 with local TV commercials for over 2 months.

1st Hawaiian costume I designed.
Jennifer & Krista in The Californian.

2006 group picture.
Iekika is 2nd from left in back. Kalai is 2nd from right in front.

I designed the costumes above for Keanue's Polynesian Review.  The outfit was created for Kalua.  It's a beautiful Hawaiian dance about whom the girl will choose for her life mate.  Iekika, my daughter, and I started hula dancing for Jonette's troupe in 1993.  We danced with her troupe for 4 seasons. 
Iekika (Jessica) and I moved on to Polynesian Spice in 1997 for 2 seasons.

Iekika and Kalai
Epus are dried gourds that make a drum sound.

Polynesian Spice hula wahines (women)
Back row: Iekeka-Susan, Front row: Tina-Mira
I started Polynesian Paradise over 18 Seasons ago after my daughter, Iekika, and I left Polynesian Spice in August 1998.  The name Polynesian Paradise was thought of over a year earlier.  We started making costumes and teaching hula to all her friends and our neighbors, Noho Wale, Keike Ali'i, the Twins (Ona Ona & Uilani), friends from Keanue's Polynesian Review joined us and we had our first PAID Luau at Hodel's Country Dining March 5, 1999.

Kalai with Kamehameha by the Kern

Hula sisters at Yokuts Park along the Kern River.
Waiolina, Maku'e, Maka Uli Uli, Lilo, Kalea, & Maka Pua.

Picture taken in summer of 2009

Ka 'ulu wehi o ke kai costume.
Kalai at 50 summer 2009.
Date of Birth: Believe or not.....
50+...feeling 20
Education: Done with!
Family History: Portuguese, English, Cherokee & French.
1st Professional Role: Civil Drafting with AutoCAD
2nd: Hula Momma on the weekend.
Astrological Sign: I get all my signs from God.
Kalai doing fire Poi Balls.
Click pic to see Pix on myspace.
My Fire Poi Ball Man, Poi Poi,  had a family emergency and had to leave for L.A.  3 days before a Luau.  He taught me the basics....enough to fulfill my contract.  My Fire Staff Man, Kolepa, was right there in the wings with Alevera.  All my performers where intensely watching.  It was very touching.  I nailed it! Both have moved on, but I can still do Fire when needed.  I rely on Kalua and Alihikaua to do Fire now.
Kalai and Theresia
Theresia has been with me since 2002.
Samoan slap dance Minoi Minoi 'E - Kalai in 2009
Aloha from Kalai - year 1999
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Kalai at Luau in 2007.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)